The Future of the Stylist

Below is a recording of a presentation where I make a prediction for the role of the fashion stylist in 2050

MAC- Collaborative industry project

Introducing #MACsavesthenight a vending machine and photobooth that will increase brand popularity and reach by injecting the brand into peak hotspots and student frequented night clubs. Which will facilitate fond associations of the brand with the zeitgeist of youth culture; while celebrating individuality?

A vending machine/ photo booth that will be placed in Clubs around London. (Roled out wider if successful) That contains little minis of products that cold ‘save your night.’ Mostly M.A.C. product and a few other M.A.C. branded items. To help out if an element of your look goes wrong in the night, e.g., your lipstick smudges. Then there is also a photobooth element attached to the machine where you can get a picture with a variety of different M.A.C. filters and ether print out or post straight to social media. Increasing brand awareness targeting young people by positioning the machines in student-friendly clubs. Creating an alternative brand touchpoint and making people think about/ consider the brand.

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The Burberry Kisses campaign was a collaboration between the brand and Google where you can send virtual post sealed with a ‘Burberry Kiss.’ to ones that you love around the globe (Campaignlive, 2013) In the email, an envelope opens with the message appearing from inside. The campaign is very beautiful and reflective of the brand (at the time). What I have done is taken this idea and made it more in keeping with the M.A.C brand and this campaign creating a Gif of the e-vite coming out of the envelope over a scene of clubbing accompanied by the campaign song. The event will be sent to the influencers and will set the tone for the campaign and the launch.

Fashion Busines and Entrepreneurship - REWD Sport

For this project, I created a business plan for a new brand of my own invention. REWD Sport is a brand that aims to provide creative digital activewear that is functional and fashionable 

I have attached a small section of the work that was created for this project. 

This project received the grade A* and was very interesting as it forced me to start considering budget and finances in my work.

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Pitch Deck