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NAK Shoot

This shoot was with NAK (No Animal Killed) and I wis given the brief of creating any still life you like using these boots. It is important to note that the colour fo the brand is the same as the one in this swim costume.

When coming up with the concept for this still life I created a sort of narrative that can to some extent be seen in the mood board below:

It is a rich country girl in the hight of summer just messing around with her friends.


This was a very interesting shoot to produce firstly I was modelling, which is definitely not something that I usually do. We decided not to

ask in a model as first of all it would be quite a challenge as they may not be able to do a handstand and they also would not have there

faced in the image which is quite a big ask on them as they would be doing it for free. Our next thoughts were well who do we know that

can do a handstand, nobody. Now I cannot do a handstand myself, and I have terrible balance, but I can walk myself up a wall and balance

so as long as the image is cropped to the upper body that should be fine. We also felt that my hair if kept natural, would lend itself to the

shoot and the boots.

The Images form this shoot I feel are very strong and provide a very original look on to still life and the boots.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 14.44.30.png
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